Build your own AM Transmitter

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Want to listen to your own music programs on your vintage radio? Follow this link for instructions on how to build a simple AM transmitter that you can plug into a Ipod or other audio source.

A customer of mine built one of these transmitters to use with a radio I repaired for him. He brought it up to the shop when he picked the radio up and we tried it out. I was very impressed with the simplicity of the design and its effectiveness.

I might add, he had no prior experience working with electronics before he built this from the instructions on this link.  

Have fun! 

I do have one modification that I recommend. The project recommends using a 9 volt battery. The crystal oscillator functions best at 5 volts. If you use 3 AA batteries in series (4.5v), you'll get optimal results without oversupplying the crystal.