Radios For Sale

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Radios For Sale

When placing an order please include the cat# for the radio you wish to purchase.

Philco model 48-450 AM Radio "The Hippo" Ca.1948

This Ca.1948 Philco, model 48-460 AM radio is one handsome table set. It is nicknamed "The Hippo for its curvy shape resembling a Hippo's face. The radio has been electronically restored with new Electrolytic capacitors, tubular capacitors replaced, weak tubes replaced, a new AC cord and complete alignment.  The Bakelite case has been completely polished to a nice, marbleized luster. Comes with a one year warranty ...Sold!  Cat #48460

More pictures available on request.

Westinghouse H-440T5 AM Table Radio Ca.1954

A beautiful midcentury Westinghouse AM table radio from 1954. This radio has been completely restored electronically. the case is in exceptional condition. Comes with a one year warranty. Cat# WH-H440T5  $225.00 + shipping

Zenith 5-S-119

This 1937 Zenith table radio has been completely restored electronically and refinished. It looks great and plays great.  ca 1937.    cat# 5S119  SOLD!

Zenith 5-S-228 AM/Shortwave Tombstone Radio

This is a fully restored Zenith Tombstone built in 1938. The radio plays well on all bands and has good sound for a small tombstone. The cabinet has been completely refinished and displays very nicely...SOLD! cat# 5S228-1

Stewart Warner R-1271 The "Bond" Ca.1933 AM/SW.

This is a classic out of Stewart Warners 1933 line of radios. Nicknamed the "Bond". The chassis has been rebuilt and a bluetooth input added. The size of this large tombstone radio lends to a bigger than average sound. The cabinet has been professionally refinished and will stand out as a centerpiece in any room.   SOLD!             cat# SW1271

Sparton 517, Cube Radio. 2 Bands. Ca.1937

A cool Sparton cube set that has been fully restored electronically and refinished. Comes with a one year warranty. SOLD!

Trav-ler AM/Shortwave Table Radio (model unknown) Any ideas?

This is a very nice Trav-ler Table Radio. The model is unknown. If you know of this model, I'd love to hear from you. The chassis has been restored electronically and the cabinet refinished. It has great inlays with exotic flamed woodgrains. Definately one of the nicer radios Trav-ler produced. One year warranty parts & labor.  cat # Trav-1  SOLD!

Coronado 633 Bakelite Table Radio

A Bakelite beauty from 1939! This classic radio has all new capacitors throughout and a new power cord. The brown marbleized bakelite case has been polished and looks fantastic! SOLD cat.# C-633

Fada 790 AM/FM Bakelite Radio

This is a great looking AM/FM radio from 1948. Works great on both AM and FM. The brown marbleized bakelite case has been polished and looks fantastic!. cat.# F-790  SOLD!