Radios From My Collection, Past & Present page 3

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Ca.1939 Firestone "Air Chief" S-7427-8 AM/Shortwave Radio w/aux input.

Ca.1957 Grundig Majestic USA, model 1088. AM/FM/Shortwave w/phono input

Ca.1939 Zenith 9-S-367 Shutterdial Radio AM/Shortwave w/aux input added. Original finish.

Ca.1934 Crosley "Dual 7" model 168 AM/Shortwave. Refinished

Ca.1938 Sparton model 628 Tombstone Radio AM/Shortwave

Ca.1931 Fada model 42. original finish

Ca.1932 Philco 70, Cathedral Radio. Original finish.

Ca.1937 Zenith 6-S-27, AM/Shortwave Tombstone Radio. Original finish.

Ca.1941 Zenith 7-S-529.AM/Shortwave radio. Original finish

Ca.1942 Sparton 6-AM36SX, 6 band shortwave receiver w/phono input. Original finish

Ca.1934 Atwater Kent, model 559, AM/Shortwave Radio. Nine tube, four bands.

Ca.1939 Zenith model 5-R-317 "Worlds Fair" radio. Bluetooth input added. Refinished

Ca.1939 RCA model 19K, AM/Shortwave radio. Chassis rebuilt and cabinet refinished. Factory Phono input modded to accept a Bluetooth receiver.

Ca.1957 Magnavox model TP-264 Automatic Record Player. Amp and phono rebuilt. Original finish.